Flex Belt Review

abdominal-musclesThe Flex Belt is truly remarkable given that it is the first abdominal toning system which uses FDA approved EMS technology. Needless to say, that is quite a fantastic endorsement to have. The Flex Belt is designed with the goal of helping users firm, tone, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. The FDA approval is major, but does it actually work? After a test run, the answer appears to be a resounding yes!

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The great thing about the Flex Belt is that it is a product that truly anyone can use. Whether you are a casual gym patron, fitness enthusiastic, or even someone just getting into workouts for the first time, the belt should be of great use to you. It is especially wonderful for those that have a bad back and can not do traditional exercises. The belt is also highly popular with new mothers that have found themselves far too busy with their baby to get back into the swing of fitness. The flex belt is a great way to help easily tone up on the go.

the-flex-beltYou’re likely wondering what wearing the belt will entail. Its design is actually quite discrete. It isn’t overly bulky as you might expect. Even with the three gel pads and other inner workings it is also light enough not to be too burdensome when worn. This is a great relief indeed.

The belt’s toning action begins when signals are sent from the belt to the nerves in the abdomen’s central regions. When they are triggered, the nerves make the abdominal muscles contract and then relax in unison, effectively providing the entire area with a full workout. All of the relevant muscles are contracting when the belt is on, not just those directly under the gel pad. This puts the flex belt far above the toning belts that came before it. Many of those did little outside of jiggle things around a bit. The flex belt truly goes to the core of the abdomen and works it properly.


To get a great workout like this in a major problem area such as the abdomen all while on the go, preparing meals, doing the housework, sitting at your desk job, or even taking a break to watch television or check e-mails is a convenience that is well worth any price. With a typical usage, you are going to experience a total of 150 contractions. Needless to say, that is an quite an effective workout, and one that is impressively easy.

Given the FDA approval and how well it works, the flex belt toning system is absolutely to be considered a must buy.


Results and Flex Belt Testimonials

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How Does Electro Muscle Stimulation Work?

Electro Muscular Stimulation or EMS is a complete body training system that takes advantage of the most innovative technology delivering electrical impulse currents to zero in on your muscle groups. These electric impulses are similar to the bio-electric that generally stimulates the muscles already, but this creates a stronger contraction and can be easily adjusted to fit the individual’s need.

Typically, training with this method, the central nervous system stimulates the muscle internally using electrical impulses to contract muscles. With Electro Muscular Stimulation it will externally stimulate the muscles. The muscle doesn’t acknowledge any difference being stimulated from the central nervous system or EMS; the result is the same…muscle reaction with a contraction.

When using Electro Muscular Stimulation all muscle groups will be influenced at the same time by an electrode system. Certain exercise positions heighten the contraction of the voluntary fixed muscle. EMS affords more intense muscle contractions than those stimulated in a more traditional training, resulting in reaching deeper into the muscle tissue.

Electro Muscular Stimulation can be used for all fitness levels and ages. EMS training is easy on the joints, has no impact and lasts for approximately twenty minutes each session.

EMS is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. The training session is joint friendly, impact free and lasts for only 20 minutes each time.

Although EMS training is suitable for everyone, it is important to check with your healthcare provider prior to training if you experience any of the following health conditions:

  • Viral or acute infections, fever
  • Tumors
  • Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or any other Neurological disorders
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Diabetes
EMS Frequently Asked Questions
Is Electro Muscular Stimulation safe?
Electrical stimulation units need to be FDA approved prior to being sold to the public and typically are very safe when used correctly. However, these devices do not come completely without risk.
Is there any pain using EMS training?
Absolutely not! Impulse stimulation is delivered to your muscle groups that are in a safe area of the human body called micro-Ampere or mA area.
Is it possible to lose weight with EMS training?
A simple YES! EMS training can burn fat. However, know that there is a difference from burning fat to losing weight. Ideally, you want to lose fat and build muscle. The more muscle you gain, the more fat you burn during workout routines, recovery time and even at rest.
What makes EMS training so effective?
Ninety percent of your muscles are engaged at the same time with every contraction when using EMS training. The contractions are more intense and stronger than a voluntary contraction alone. When comparing EMS training to a more conventional method, the activation goes much deeper resulting in a better inter and intra muscle coordination. You can better control the intensity of the impulse current being transported to certain muscle groups, allowing you to target your personal problem areas, increase strength and sculpt your body that you decide to focus on.

How Does The Flex Belt Work?

The Flex Belt provides three positioned gel pads that cover the external obliques and central abdomen area.

While training, signals reach nerves at the point where they are most concentrated.

The nerves reach out to all stomach muscles making them contract and then relax in a natural way working all the muscles simultaneously, not just the ones right under the pads.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with EMS based Flex Belt and start working on your abs from today.



How to Get the Best FlexBelt Results?

Real Customer flex belt resultsAre you interested in improving your abs? Are you having trouble meeting this goal, even though you are working hard to see results? It may be time to purchase a product to assist you. The flex belt is one idea; it works on your abdominal area and helps you to achieve the results you are looking for. There are electronic pads within the product that tone your abs in a way that you can not do on your own.

Do a little research on the product and determine if you want to try it. Once you decide to use it, take the time to read the instructions and put the flex belt together properly. If you use it incorrectly, you will not get the desired results.

To start, you need to put the belt together in the right way. You have to take the cover off the side in order to put on the pads; the cover is easily identifiable because it has a pattern on it. Look and find the metal stud. Make sure the bigger pad aligns with the stud on the uncovered side of the device. Remove the coverings on the small pads and make sure they go on the side of the bigger pads (there are markings indicating where these should be placed). Next, insert AAA batteries into the control panel. Make sure the cover clicks when you put it back on; this is how you will know it is secure.

After you put the flex belt together, the real fun can begin! Simply remove the covers from the pads. The belt should rest against your abs, with the bigger pad close to your belly button and the other pads near your ribs. The belt should be tight enough that it will not move while you are using it.

Find the button that turns the device on. You will have to select a certain program; the intensity levels vary, so you simply have to determine what you want to begin with. If you have not used a product like this before, it is advisable to go with a lower intensity. You can always increase it as the time goes on. After you select a program, the belt will start to do its job and will automatically turn off when the program is finished.

If you want to meet your goals, you need to take the time to put the belt on regularly. When you first get the belt, it should be worn once per day. After four to eight weeks, you should notice a difference in your body. When you are happy with your results, you can scale back to using the belt every second or third day.

There is nothing else like this product on the market. The device sends out signals, which target the muscles’ nerves. The muscles then start to contract and relax, which tones them. The best part is that you do not have to do anything in order to get your results! The product is safe and it does not hurt, although you can tell that something is happening to your body. There is a pulsing sensation when the belt is turned on, and then you feel your muscles start to tighten. You can turn the intensity either up or down, depending on what you want and what type of results you are hoping for.

When you wear the flex belt, you have more time to attend to other parts of your body. For example, since you will not be working on your abs, you can focus on cardio exercises instead. As a result, your entire body will benefit from the use of this product.