Flex Belt Benefits

The Flex Belt is similar in looks to a back support brace. This belt however does not support your back, but is used to tone the abdomen, through electro-muscular stimulation. The electrical impulses from the Flex Belt provide stimulation to the abdominal muscle nerves. This stimulation makes the abdomen react just as if it has been subjected to abdominal exercises like crunches. The electrical stimulation is helped by three gel pads that have positions over the external obliques and the central abdomen. There are different settings available on the Flex Belt which can range from contractions to gentle pulsing.

Benefits of Using a Flex Belt

One main advantage of using this abdomen toning device is that it can be worn at any time or anywhere. You can use it while working, when you are at home or walking to the supermarket or doing your shopping. As the usage of the belt is initially recommended by its manufacturers as 30 minutes a day for the required results, this hardly makes a dent in a busy person’s schedule, especially with the ease of using it anywhere. The usage reduces to two to three times a week once results are obtained if the progress has to be sustained.

The electrical impulses given by the belt to specific areas in the abdomen stimulates the muscles through the nerves and encourages them to contract and relax. The relaxation occurs in all nerves simultaneously. The abdominal muscles tighten for a few seconds and then relax. There can be five contractions and relaxing sequences every minute, which leads to 150 contractions in a period of half an hour, the recommended time.

It seems very simple, but manufacturers of this do suggest that you also need to maintain a regular diet and go through an exercise routine, if results are to be assured. This in itself is a great benefit, as any lifestyle that is disciplined will have beneficial effects for a person’s health.

Flex Belt Universal Usage

A number of celebrities like Denise Richards have used the Flex Belt and found it very useful for the toning of the abdominal area. It can be used easily by people who exercise casually or by people who are very enthusiastic about their fitness. Busy professionals who are always pressed for time to go to gyms can use it as can new mothers who want to get back into shape. It has been helpful to people with sore backs, and does not have any relation to a person’s present physical condition.

The Flex Belt is a convenient way to flatten the abdominal area and strengthen the muscles in that area. Normal abdominal exercises do take a lot of time and effort and needs to be made a disciplined part of any routine. Flex Belt enables the same exercises to be done with the minimum of time and effort.


Flex Belt Ab Toning System.