Why Denise Richards Loves The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is one of those devices that use electric muscle stimulation to rehabilitate and relax the muscles. When properly used, the Flex Belt can help you achieve the same results as an intense workouts program, but faster and without getting yourself exhausted in a gym for five days a week, months after months. The Flex Belt contracts the midsection core muscles 150 times in a 30 minutes session. If you were to replicate the same level of workout, you’d have to work a lot and possibly stress your back because of those countless crunches.

Denise Richards is one of the celebrities who tried the Flex Belt and were impressed with the results. As a very busy professional and single mom to three kids, Denise could hardly find time to go to the gym for workout routines that would keep her in shape. She is very active in her professional life, she is always on the go, taking her children to and from school and other activities, therefore she needed to find a way to take care of her physical shape without having to make room in her busy schedule for that.

Denise Richards Flex Belt

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Denise uses the Flex Belt when she reads her scripts, when she’s in conference calls or when she prepares dinner or lunches for the kids. This allows her to do whatever she needs to, but also keep her core muscles toned and her body fit and beautiful. Denise’s biggest problem area are the abs, therefore she loves the Flex Belt because it acts exactly in that particular part of the body, allowing her to enjoy perfectly shaped muscles without having to follow exhausting and time-consuming training routines.

One of the first things Denise noticed when she tried the Flex Belt was how comfortable it felt. The actress appreciated very much the fact that the belt didn’t interfere with her usual activities. Another benefit she enjoys a lot is that the belt targets exactly the problem area, this kind of targeting being very hard to attain when exercising. With the Flex Belt, there is no stress on the lower back. All abdominal muscles are worked out at the same time, thus strengthening the core of the body. Denise is convinced that if the core is strong, the entire body will be stronger, therefore she’s keen on maintaining her workout routines and the Flex Belt, two must-have tools for a healthy body and a happier life.

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