Flex Belt Versus Slendertone Flex Belt

The “Flex Belt versus Slendertone Flex Belt” topic seems to keep popping up all over the place on the internet, no matter what I read about weight loss. Now it just so happens that I know a little bit more than other people on this subject and like the good Samaritan that I am, I’ve decided to settle this dispute once and for all.

The thing is, not too long ago I was under the impression that I was getting kind of puffy around the waste myself and because I had no time to exercise I decided to try one of these belts myself. That’s when I first learned about these two devices that people were raving about non-stop. So, armed with a lot of patience and a sheer will to get a 6 pack I started my own research into the effectiveness of these two devices. What I found was pretty conclusive information and now I want to share it with all of you that are reading this.

You can read the in-depth comparison below, but here is a nice little table to help you compare which one is better.

Ab Beltflex-belt-systemslendertone-system
Clinical TrialYES (multiple)UNKNOWN
Exercise RequiredNONO
Cost$199 plus $12.95 S&H $149.99 plus S&H (UNKNOWN)
Product Tones Other Body PartsYES (additional attachments need to be purchased)YES (additional attachments need to be purchased)
Intensity Levels1 - 1501 - 100 Only
Product Warranty2 yearsUNKNOWN
Bonus MaterialYES - Online access to meal planning technology for advanced nutrition and sustained weight loss. FREE 1 year subscription to either Maxim,Fitness or Elle magazines. FREE one box of Slim 10 Weight Loss Supplements ($90 value)YES - Nutrition and exercise guide.


Click here to watch this video presentation about how Flex Belt works your abs.


First of all let’s start with the cost of these devices because if you only have a certain amount to spend and one of these belts surpasses it, your decision will become a lot simpler. After some careful research online I have come to the conclusion that the cost difference will vary slightly but it will always be around 50 dollars, with the Slendertone being the cheaper one. Prices that you should expect are 200 dollars for the Flex Belt and 150 dollars for the Slendertone.


The method of usage is pretty much the same for both devices and for one EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) belt for that matter: just strap it around your waist and let it go to work while you carry on with your normal routines. They both have three gel pads in order to stimulate all your abdominal muscles so there is not much of a difference here.

However, there is another reason why the usage of these two is so similar and that is because the Slendertone Belt is actually an older version of the Flex Belt. Now wasn’t that one of the best Review twists you ever read ? Just imagine the Slendertone Belt saying “No Flex, I am your father.”

Still, there is notable difference regarding the intensity of the electronic simulations: The Slendertone Belt “only” has 100 levels while the Flex Belt has 150.


The bottom line is that if you are after a more intense workout then you should definitely get the Flex Belt as the 50 more intensity levels really make a difference. Plus it has been tested in multiple clinical trial and has Hollywood celebrities like Denise Richards using it. Don’t forget the awesome bonuses!